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  • Unit 1:

    • TASK 1: Create a new Writer file with these conditions:
      •  The first page will have the title of the unit, “UNIT 1: Computers today”.
      • All pages will have a header with the name of the unit and the date.
      • All pages will have a footer with page number and your name and surnames.
      • If you are working in pairs you should include both names.
    • TASK 2: Watch the video “Password1: Chapter 1- Computer” and answer these questions in your file.

    What is a machine?

    Write examples of machines:

    What does “smart machine” mean?

    What kind of jobs can a computer do?

    Who invented the computer?

    • TASK 3: Write these vocabulary words in your document.

    Perform operations: Realizar operaciones
    Access the Internet : Acceder a internet
    Do research : Hacer investigaciones
    Give presentations: Hacer presentaciones
    Write letters: Escribir cartas
    Keep records: Almacenar información
    Exercises to complete: Ejercicios para completar
    Make voice calls: Hacer llamadas de voz
    Send texts: Enviar mensajes de texto
    Store information: Almacenar información
    Access databases: Acceder a bases de datos
    Carry out : Llevar a cabo
    Dispense money: Proporcionar dinero
    Enter a personal identification number (PIN): Introduce un Número de identificación personal
    Pay bill: Pagar facturas
    Transfer money: Transferir dinero
    Display data: Mostrar datos

    An example of the document: Unit 1 example

    • TASK 4: Dictation Laptop- PDA- Desktop PC-Ultrabook

    Copy in your document the differences between Laptop, Desktop PC, Netbook, Ultrabook desktop-laptop-ultrabook-pda

    • TASK 5: Prepare a presentation using Press. Topic : What can you do with computers in your school? page 6 book.
      • First page: Title “How are computers used in your school?” and name /surname
      • Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth page : Use sentences like these: “Computers are used to…”, “A PC can also be used for…”, “People use computers to…”
    • TASK 6:Write an email using GMAIL similar to page 108. Copy the same salutation and closing of the letter. In the body write sentences from video “Password 2- Computers Basics”. Send it to the teacher.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Desktop computers are not carried from one place yo an other….

    We look forward…

    Yours faihtfully.

    • TASK 7: Prepare a concept map with the parts of the computer using Paint

    • TASK 8: Buying a computer. A friend has asked you to recommend a computer that suits his needs. He needs to be able to access the Internet, play games and work with graphics, music and video files. With maximum cost of 800 €.

    Activity : Recommending a computer

    Example of activity Buying a computer


    Unit 2: Input / Output devices

    TASK 1: Quiz about devices

    TASK 2: Watch the video “Password 1: Chapter 7- Do’s and Don’ts of Computer” Write an email using GMAIL. Copy the same salutation and closing of the letter. In the body write sentences from video. Send it to the teacher.

    Dear Sonia ,


    • Maintain silence …


    • Don’t press the computer keys roughly…

    We look forward…

    Yours faihtfully.

    TASK 3: Activity of keyboard (printed activity) Activity 2 of keyboard

    TASK 4: Activity of monitor (printed activity)

    TASK 5: Activity of Input Output devices (printed activity)


    Unit 3: Storage devices

    • TASK 1:  Create a new document for unit 3. Copy and paste the activities from this document Activity1. Answer the questions.
    • TASK 2:  Copy and paste the activities from this document  Activity 2 Answer the questions.
    • TASK 3:  Copy and paste the activities from this document  Activity 4 Answer the questions.
    • TASK 4:  Copy and paste the activities from this document  Activity 5 Answer the questions.


    Unit 4: Basic software

    • TASK 0: Look for these words in the text pag 64– Translate these terms into your own languageApplication software, Operating system, System software, Device drivers, Word processing, Run a program on a computer, Educational programs, Microsoft, Windows computers, Macintosh computers, Open-source software, Mobile phones, Program, Document, icon, Pointer, Desktop, Toolbars, Menu bars, Buttons, dialog boxes, Launch a program, Folder
    • Cuaderno actividades
    • TASK 1: In the document Cuaderno de Actividades do the Activity Review #1 of Fonts, Orientation

    Example Review 1

    Example review2

    Example Activity 31

    Example Actividad 36

    Example Invitation

    • TASK 6: Test. The teacher tell you some instructions and you should do it in Writer.
    • TASK 7: In the document teoría do Part I and II.

    Example Part 1 and 2

    Example Activity 6 and 7


    Unit 5 and 6:Internet

    Blog requirements:

    • 5 pages: Who we are, Gallery, Videos, Where we are, Contact us.
    • Insert 6 pictures in Gallery
    • Insert 3 videos in Videos
    • Insert 3 different maps in Where we are
    • Create a form in Contact us with different fields.
    • Insert widgets
    • Change the template: choose Twentyten
    • Customize your blog: choose the colors, the title….


    Unit 7: Images

    • TASK 1 : Picture in black and white with text

    • TASK 2: Restore image

    • TASK 3: Collage

    • TASK4 : Photo mounting

    • TASK 5: Photo mounting. Body & face


    Activity 1

    Descargar a imagen Gandía
    Convertir a Blanco y negro
    Exportar como Gandia.jpg

    Activity 2

    Descargar una imagen de un regalo
    Escribir en la parte de arriba el texto
    “Feliz cumpleaños”
    Exportar como regalo.jpg

    Activity 3

    Descargar una imagen de un paisaje
    Descargar una imagen de un perro
    Escala el perro para hacerlo más pequeño
    Rotación del perro
    Exportar como paisaje.jpg

    Activity 4

    Descarga Gandía
    Descarga un edificio famoso
    Quita el fondo del edificio para que se vea
    el fondo detrás de Gandía
    Escala el edificio
    Escribe el texto “Gandía ha cambiado” en rojo
    y con tamaño 30
    Exporta como edificio.jpg

    Activity 5

    Descargar una imagen de un chico con tatuaje
    Quita el tatuaje mediante clonación
    Exporta como tatuaje.jpg

  • TASK7: GIF

  • TASK8: Photo mounting & Gif

Activity 1:

The cat tells “hello everybody”
Later the cat is going to wait for 6 seconds
The cat is going to move 10 steps.

Activity 2:

Open a new file
Choose a new object, for example a dog.
Delete the cat
When you press the space bar the dog will move 20 steps
save as activity 2
Send it

Activity 3:

Open a new file
Insert two objects, whatever you want
Delete the cat
The first object will tell “Hello”
After 4 seconds, The second object will tell “Hi!”
Later both will move 30 steps
Save as Activity 3

Activity 4:

Open a new file
Change the background. Choose an indoor background. Whatever you want
Go to google and download a new object, for example catwoman (pixels)
Insert the object and delete the cat
The new object is going to tell “Welcome to my videogame”
Ask for the name of the player
The catwoman will think “Welcome Name”
Save as Activity 4

TASK 5: Prepare your own video game